“Tech Neck” Treatment

Tech Neck and Smartphone Use

“Tech Neck” Treatment in Delaware

We live in a fast-paced world, where it’s possible to be connected to the Internet 24/7. People are constantly checking their smartphones, for fear of missing a text, or an urgent work-related email; this can lead to chronic neck pain.

According to Nielsen, the average American spends about an hour on their smartphone each day.

You’ve seen people like this: shoulders hunched forward, neck straining at an awkward angle, squinting at the screen, thumbs typing at breakneck speed.

It’s an uncomfortable posture caused by our smartphones, and it seems that virtually everyone—from your little nephew to your boss—has one.

It’s an unhealthy posture that can result in persistent neck pain.

This 21st Century problem has been dubbed “tech neck,” and it can be caused by straining your neck forward to see that screen. As you type out an email to a colleague or answer your boss’ latest urgent request, you’re holding your neck at an unnatural angle. And it stays there for much longer than it should, resulting in muscle strain and pain.

Handheld device users also tend to hunch their shoulders forward. The oddly angled neck and rounded shoulders strains the entire upper body.

So, what can you do to alleviate “tech neck” symptoms?

  • Take frequent breaks, every 5 minutes or so.
  • Even better, raise raise smartphone up to eye level.

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To protect your spine and alleviate stress, consider putting the phone down for a little while.

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