X-ray Studies

Bear Chiropractic Center is equipped with an onsite X-ray unit for your convenience. On your initial visit the doctor will determine if an X-ray study is needed. In the event X-rays are required, this will be done after your examination that day.

Dr. Alexander Bohatiuk will discuss taking X-rays of your spine before starting your treatment. Different bone structure in patients is important to see before a specific adjustment is made. He will then select different directions for the forces to ensure that the adjustment results in the best correction of the problem. In 5-6% of the population, the spinal structure has a fracture at a portion of bone in the low back. This fracture (known a Spondylolysis) usually develops due to a genetic weakness in the area. It can also be caused by trauma, such as in gymnastics or football. Back pain may or may not be present when this abnormality exists. The separated bone can subluxate forward. This is called a Spondylolisthesis.

In addition to fracture, the X-ray is also used to measure small alignment changes. The doctor uses the position of bones to determine where the ligaments in your spinal column have been stretched or torn. A three-dimensional picture in the doctor’s mind is needed prior to the adjustment. The adjustment is then made in a precise fashion into the directions that reduce tension on the damaged ligaments. Since a high-speed thrust into your spinal column is a vigorous procedure, it is important that the doctor use X-ray to more precisely determine how the adjustment is to be made. Also, when the precise correction of the subluxation is made from the start of care, fewer adjustments are usually needed because of their more correct nature. The usefulness of X-rays in assisting the doctor in both diagnosing and adjusting the subluxation is evident.

Chiropractors Often Utilize X-ray Studies

Based on the nature of your condition as well as a number of other factors, X-ray studies of your http://getzonedup.com spine or injured body part may be indicated. Doctors of Chiropractic receive over 300 hours of X-ray studies in college prior to graduating and thus are fully trained to take radiographs and identify subtle abnormalities of the spine as well as more serious pathologies.

X-rays are Safe and Provide Valuable Information

X-rays are a relatively safe and cost effective way to view the structure and general condition of the spine. They can reveal spinal regions under high stress and expose areas of degenerative change. This can often provide essential additional information, which correlates history and examination findings, allowing for a more accurate spinal analysis and a custom-tailored, effective treatment plan. X-rays are also useful in assessing the appropriateness of Chiropractic Care, as they can help to rule out the existence of more serious pathological processes such as spinal fractures, tumors, and infections, which require immediate emergency medical attention.